Go Large This Summer

Summer is all about being bold and going big.

Big adventures, big holidays, big barbecues, big get-togethers, big dive-bombs in the pool.

With all this big stuff going on, you'll need some big shade to keep everyone cool and not burnt to a crisp.

Hawkes and Basil Bangs have you covered, literally, with their 'Go Large' range. This range is perfect for commercial use or for home use, covering your party-goers from the harsh summer sun. The 'Go Large' umbrellas come in a 2m and 2.8m canopy size and they are made from heavy duty outdoor canvas that weathers well in all conditions.

Pre-Order now to get your order as soon as possible, and when buying online consider our AfterPay option to 'Go Larger' in smaller chunks.

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Summertime Sensations!

The mercury is rising, the sun's out and the ocean (or whatever your closest body of water may be) is crying out for you to have a dip - and oh boy do we have some exciting summertime stuff to make sure your summertime is the best it can be. 

With exciting new ranges from Basil Bangs, Sunnylife, The Beach People, Mini Sandcrabs and others, we're here to get you and the whole family in the sun, looking absolutely stunning and having a blast.

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