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rug Made in Dalarna, Sweden a region in the Eastern Dales that has significant historical heritage. The craftsmen and miners of this region fought for their rights and civil independence to be able to hone their craft without interference from power-hungry noblemen. Almost instilled in the area is the pride-of-work these men and their families fought for. Using a combination of modern fabrication techniques as well as tried and tested ancient weaving techniques, Pappelina rugs are the ultimate mix of modern ingenuity and traditional graft and practice. Woven on a traditional loom using wooden shuttles. Very practical and easy-to-care-for rug, Swedish manufactured, certified PVC. Reinforced, welded edges for strength and durability, with embossed Pappelina logo. Thickness of rug is 5mm. Opposite side consists of inverse colours. Perfect touch of something different in a Scandi home.

Pappelina Ants Rug has a unique geometric pattern that resembles patterns that naturally occur in nature such as patterns found in honeycomb. This ingenious design attracts the eye, which then follows the rug through the room. The grey colouring leans toward a warmer tone and fills a room with a peaceful ambience in both warmer and cooler months.

Great companion texture to our favourite Reindeer Hides to really encapsulate the Scandi-lodge vibe.