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Taking you through the six Bangladeshi seasons – summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring – with warming flavours and memories, Dina Begum's Made in Bangladesh teaches modern classics and age-old recipes to home cooks across the world. Puchka (potato & chickpea filled pastry shells with tamarind sauce), Tenga (light & sour fish stew with green tomatoes), Narkel diye murghi (steamed chicken in a spiced coconut paste), Tehari (aromatic beef and rice cooked with mustard oil & chillies) and Dhood puli pitha (coconut-stuffed rice flour dumplings in molasses milk) are just a few of the enticing dishes she shares.

Dina also offers advice on pantry essentials, a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free recipes, and sample menus for feeding a crowd, celebrating how food brings community and festivity.

A unique visual feast with beautiful food and location photography that captures the atmosphere and vibrancy of Bangladeshi food.

About the Author

Dina Begum is a British-Bangladeshi writer based in London who has written articles and recipes for nationwide publications such as The Telegraph, The Herald, Huffington Post, Metro and The Independent, amongst others.

Dina is a member of the Guild of Food Writers and has also written a feature and recipes series for Great British Chefs, based on the six seasons of Bangladeshi cuisine, and filmed a spice blends tutorial series for Yodomo. She has hosted popular Bangladeshi pop ups at Darjeeling Express to showcase home cooking favourites, as part of their #WomenInFood series and has taken part in a programme at The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and a supperclub at Archestratus in New York. Her first cookbook, The Brick Lane Cookbook, was published in 2018.