La Boucle Duo - Stockholm
La Boucle Duo - Stockholm
La Boucle Duo - Stockholm

La Boucle

La Boucle Duo - Stockholm

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Unisex belt made to suit waist sizes 90cm and over, featuring a two-tone braided pattern detail to match across outfits.

  • Sizing is completely customisable for any waist size.
  • Metal alloy used in belt buckle is undetectable by airport customs scanners.
  • Available in many colours to suit all occasions and tastes.

Belgium-based designer La Boucle have created the only belt you will ever need. Made to fit many sizes due to its highly stretchable woven belt strap and the absence of the holes traditionally seen in belts, you can thread the metal pin through any point along the belt strap to suit any waist size.

Partnering with NGO WeForest, with any belt purchased, La Boucles will plant a tree.
Made from highly stretchable material that can hold up to 520kg, making the belt durable for many years of wear. The vegetable-tanned leather is sourced from an Italian tannery.

Materials: 50% Polypropylene, 25% Cotton & 25% elastic, vegetable tanned eco-leather, metal alloy belt buckle.

Belt width: 2.5cm