Heracode Co Exhale - Reed diffuser: Frankinsence, Oud, Vetiver


Heracode Co Exhale - Reed diffuser: Frankinsence, Oud, Vetiver

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Exhale – a grounding, earthy, intense, woody fragrance blend


Freshen any space with our concentrated Reed Diffuser, made using only natural perfume-grade fragrance oil isolates mixed with an eco plant-based solvent. 


Our Diffusers are natural and environmentally friendly.

This intoxicating fragrance begins with an earthy, warm blend of frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver, slowly emerging into heady tones of resinous oud, whilst the calming, sweet musky notes of patchouli ground this sophisticated blend.

Top accord – frankincense

Middle accords - sandalwood, vetiver

Base accords - patchouli, oud

Use Exhale to bring an exotic and heady fragrance to your home.

200ml - long-lasting concentrate blend

Approximately 8 MONTHS duration time - turn the reed sticks once in a while when you feel the scent is subsiding.

Handmade in Sydney, Australia