Butt Naked - Body Glow Oil 80g
Butt Naked - Body Glow Oil 80g Butt Naked - Body Glow Oil 80g

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Embrace the summer lovin' with an illuminating body oil to give you that sun-kissed shimmer and glow. Body Glow works like fairy dust to give your skin that extra sparkle while deeply nourishing and hydrating your skin. You'll even smell like summer (yippee) with a lemon-coconut aroma which is guaranteed to transport you off the couch and onto a tropical beach somewhere.


Loaded with fatty acids from everyones favourite fatty acid MVP (coconut oil, right?) help to protect your skin from those nasty ninjas (we're personifying dirt and grime as ninjas because they're silent and sneaky) while jojoba works a charm to keep your skin soft and moisturised. This summer skin saviour will leave you feeling smooth and soft, without feeling super greasy or clogging your pores. If it isn't in your cart already, I'm honestly shook.


Mixing plant-based Olive Squalane and Sweet Almond can help to rejuvenate dead skin cells, help prevent age spots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Boom, boom, boom! It can even help prevent any UV damage from the sun while you're out having the time of your life. BOOM!

So put the tub of ice-cream down (or at least into an eksy), get out of your pj's and start glowin' like a queen. We promise we won't take all the credit for your (now raging) social life.


If you're a sensitive skin food sister you can sigh in relief, this vegan oil won't harm your skin or leave it irritated like unnatural compunds developed in clandestine laboratories - oh no, my delicate flower, oh no indeed, for instead, it will reduce inflammation (BYE FELICIA) and say 'No Deal, Andrew *crosses arms into a stylized X*' to dryness and redness. You live in your skin, respect that and let it be happy and shine.

Paraben, SLS and palm oil free.

Suitable for All Skin Types

This one's a bit nutty, so if you're one of our nut-allergic friends, this oil ain't for you.