Basil Bangs Beach Umbrella - Daydreaming

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Basil Bangs Beach Umbrella - Daydreaming

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Our best selling summer stripe gets a tonal tweak. Embrace slow afternoons of long shadows and late campfires, kicking back with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell listening to the growing symphony of cicadas.




UPF50+ | 98% UV protection

Water proof, weather treated outdoor canvas

Vented canopy

Luscious soft white fringe

Single piece, extendable hardwood poles

Responsibly sourced timber

The Basil Hinge for easy-peasy set up

1.8m diameter, family size canopy

Compact for easy storage and portability

Matching carry case transforms into a sand bag for windy conditions

Corrosion resistant steel frame

Stainless steel and marine grade fasteners